Bounce House Safety Rules

It is very important that you and everyone who operates the inflatable has a full understanding of the safe operation and use of the inflatable. If you are staffing the inflatable, please make sure that everyone understands the safety rules and reads through the owners manual to ensure that the kids are safe.

1. Always have a trained operator on duty at all times. Never leave the bounce house unattended.

2. Do not set up near swimming pools

3. Keep age and size of riders comparable. Extra caution is needed for children ages three and under. Never allow older kids to bounce with children three and under.

4. No one should be permitted to ride the unit if weight exceeds 200 lbs. Height and age requirements differ by inflatable. Please read safety rules listed on your rented unit for weight, age and height limits.

5. Individuals with head, neck, back or other muscular skeletal injuries or disabilities, pregnant women, small infants and others who may be susceptible to injury from falls, bumps or bouncing are not permitted on or in the unit at any time.

6. Number of riders should be limited to the number specified on the label located on the front of the inflatable.

7. Absolutely no pets are allowed on or by the unit at any time.

8. Do not allow climbing on the unit or netting of equipment by anyone inside or outside of the inflatable.

9. Do not allow anyone to jump or dive on the inflatable near the door of the unit.

10. No flips, wrestling or extreme horseplay is allowed while on the ride.

11. Do not allow riders to bounce closer than four feet from each other.

12. Keep riders from putting netting in their mouths.

13. No food, drinks, gum, candy, confetti or trash in or around the inflatable.

14. Do not allow any silly sting in or around the inflatable, it will damage the unit.

15. No one is allowed on the ride while it is being inflated or deflated.

16. Unit must be anchored proior to and during operation.

17. Persons not following the safety rules should be asked to leave.

18. Do not spray water on the ride for any reason. Excluding water slide.

19. If wind exceeds (15 mph or more), unload occupants and deflate the ride.

20. Do not allow anyone to put fingers/hands or any objects in to the fan intake, motor, motor housing or outlet when running

21. Check stakes regularly to ensure they are tight.

22. Check blower/inflation tube regularly to ensure there is not any excessive leakage.

23. Check GFCI at least once per event after initial set up.

24. Inspect the inflatable before each use.

25. Operator should be present at the climbing area to help climbers or remove those who are not capable or climbing.

26. Do not run to the inflatable to get a head start.

27. Absolutely No Running, No Horse Play, No Diving.

28. Absolutely no diving on any inflatables.

29. Remove all loose and dangling jewelry and/or clothing, bracelets, watches, eye glasses, earrings and any sharp objects before entering the inflatable.

30. Remove shoes before entering the inflatable.

31. Do not slide head first.

32. Do not jump or dive in the slide.

33. Only one person per lane on the obstacle courses and slides.

34. Riders must crawl in and through end of obstacle course. NO sitting or hanging out at the top of the slide or in the unit. This can be very dangerous.

35. Do not use the side walls to slow yourself down on the slides.

36. The landing area of a slide must be clear before the next person begins to slide down.

37. Do not start sliding until the landing area is clear of all other riders

38. Exit the slide area immediately after stopping in the landing area.

39. Do not climb back up the slide from the sliding area.

40. Only use desginated steps to climb up the top platform

41. Parents/guardians may not hold or accompany the rider while sliding.

42. No double riders allowed on the slide. Only one rider at a time.

43. Slide feet first only.

44. Not jumping or flipping at the top of the slide.